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Re-positioning the Text Window , The MoveDialog Keyword

Are you getting sick of always having your text displayed in the middle of the screen? Dontcha just wish that there was a way of moving it around? Well, there is a way, and it's with the MoveDialog command. Here's how it works.

The smart people at Titanic allowed a way of positioning the dialog box during Missions. This command is useful if you have a lot of things going on in the middle of the screen, and you don't want to crowd the middle with text stuff.

So, Howdoya Use It?

Easy. You can choose from top, middle, bottom, left, center, and right. And you can combine these selections. That makes a total of 9 different choices. Here they are:

tl = top left
tc = top center
tr = top right
ml = middle left
mc = middle center
mr = middle right
bl = bottom left
bc = bottom center
br = bottom right

Here's an example on using the command. Say I want to have a text box come up when the player starts a map. But, there's a fierce battle going on, so I want to set it up so that the dialog window comes up at the middle left of the screen. I'd just use the <$Movedialog,ml> command. Below, is the example:

<h2> ~yLIGHT~w vs ~kDARK~. </h2>

The forces of Good vs Evil. Throughout history, they have been constantly at odds with one another.
<p>In this Campaign, you are the chosen one. You can help one side to victory. But which side will it be? It's up to you...


See the ml after the $MoveDialog command? The m stands for middle and the l is for left.

But, swelb, won't <$MoveDialog,ml> be displayed in the dialog window? No. Anything enclosed in < > will not be displayed on the screen.

Below, is what the screen will look like when a player starts the Map:


Pretty neat. And it's easy to use. And that's all there is to it.