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Have you created the ultimate campaign and think that it's missing something. Wanna add something to bring your masterpiece alive? Well, now you can with the <$PlaySound,soundfile.wav> command.

This new command will play any sound file that is in the Netstorm\sounds directory. Just simply add the name of the .wav file you want to play and BLAM-O! Now, all you need to do is find the perfect place for your sound to go.

You can even create custom sounds and add them to the Netstorm\sounds directory and they will play. Remember the .wav after the name of the soundfile name, or the game will crash!

* For now, the only extensions we know of that will work are the .wav files.

Never fear, an example is here!

<h2>You have just captured the High Priest of Doom!</h2>
<p>Now you must sacrifice him!

Now, you will hear a priest saying "Yes My Lord" after the message pops up.

Pretty kewl huh?

We will post more on the different sound files that Netstorm will accept once we find them.

Til then, keep those maps rolling in!