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Netstorm Version 10.37[]

v10.37 was the release version of Netstorm. v10.37 and 10.62 were the only official full-versions of Netstorm ever released. Many things were unbalanced and bugged in this version.


  • Many people played Netstorm during the time of v10.37. There was always someone to play and it was much easier to find someone of your skill level.


Several units were unbalanced in v10.37:

There were other cons, due to bugs in the game:

  • People on the south side of the map had a huge advantage considering the perspective 2D view of Netstorm.
  • Players could crash each others' clients by 'nuking' each other -- sending special commands in the chat window.
  • The game would often crash when a large number of units had been build -- this was known as the 'unit crash'.
  • Players could accidentally crash their own clients by selecting an un built golem and then ordering it -- this was known as the 'golem nuke'.
  • Many cheats were freely available and were easy to use, not requiring any technical knowledge. Some of the things which people could do with these cheats included: Changing the amount of money they had, making their bridge slots refill instantly, instant buildings, access forbidden units, change their rank/level, or delete/steal enemies' units/buildings instantly.