NetStorm Wiki


  • Moving the Cursor to the edge of the screen scroll in that direction.(Full-screen mode only).

Mouse Buttons

  • Left-click (in Production Window): Picks up any unit that is there, and holds it in your cursor.
  • Left-click (in Battle window): Selects the object on which you clicked, showing the health bar, if appropriate.
  • Left-click (While holding the unit in the cursor): Places (or attempts to place) that unit.
  • Left-Click (in Mini Map): Centers the main view on the spot where you clicked. If you click, hold, and drag, you can quick-scroll around the entire sky-battlefield.
  • Right-click (in the Battle or Production window): brings up an options box, showing options for the selected object, including an About option which gives detailed information on the object.
  • Right -click (while holding a unit in the cursor): Rotates the unit, if it is a bridge or single-directional Battle Unit, such as the Thunder Cannon, Wind Tower or Crossbow.

NOTE:If you have a Microsoft Intellimouse pressing the center wheel button will scroll the screen toward the mouse cursor.


  • Alt: Scrolls the screen towards the mouse cursor.
  • Esc: Toggles the Menu on and off.
  • Shift: Allows you to scroll in a straight Horizontal or vertical line (Alt-shift in a window mode)
  • Shift-left-click: Allows you to select multiple transports.
  • Shift-1 through 0: saves the current screen position to the particular number.
  • 1 through 0: Centres
  • Tab: Cycles through the last 5 units create (not bridges), centering the view on each one.
  • F1: General Help.
  • F2: Hides Buildings and Geysers, so you can see behind them (toggle)(useful if your priest builds something in from of himself).
  • F3: Shows the chat window (toggle).
  • F4: (or H) Centres the view on your home temple.
  • F5 (or P): Centres the view on your High Priest.
  • F6: Shows the current knowledge which you have acquired .
  • F7: Toggles the artwork that denotes ownership over the isles.
  • F8: Displays current mission objectives.
  • F9: Displays a list of players in the current game.
  • Shift-F9 or Pause: Pauses the game.
  • Ctrl-F5 ( or N): Cycles through all of your transports, selecting (left-clicking) each as it goes through.
  • Q, W, A, and S: Equivalent to picking up the bridge piece from the corresponding position (to the letters' keyboard position) in the production window. Add Z and X for six-slot multiplayer games.