NetStorm Wiki
"Let the islands lean against the bridge, and the bridges lean against the air." - Unknown

Ninbians are master bridge builders whose trestles link miles of islands, Storm Geysers, and Unit emplacements. The bridges are constructed of a special wood that has been magically lightened in the Temple, then set aside to harden.

Effective bridge construction is crucial to developing a strong flow of Storm Power. You lay a bridge. Left-click on the bridge piece you desire in the Production Window. As with Battle Units and buildings, your cursor will change into a reddened silhouette of the bridge selected. Move the bridge to the location (in the Battle window you wish to place it.

Right-clicking will rotate the bridge.

When you have the bridge positioned in a "legal" spot, a full coloured depiction of the bridge will replace the red silhouette, and left-clicking will now result in the placement of the bridge.

The Ten Commandments of Bridge-laying

  1. In order to connect to a Storm Geyser, enemy island, or neutral island, the end of the bridge must extend exactly to the island. You can not over- or under-shoot.
  2. If a bridge is not connected to anything, it will crack from its own weight, and eventually crumble. ( there is only so much magic that you can put into a piece of wood).
  3. Once a bridge is placed, it is replaced immediately in the Production Window by another randomly selected bridge.
  4. Initially, bridges in the Production Window appear cracked, but if not immediately used, the will quickly harden.
  5. You may not build bridges off your island (or connect to another island) when an Edge Farm (the green vegetation) is in the way.
  6. Once connected to a Storm Geyser, the Storm geyser becomes "yours" and you can build additional bridges from that geyser. While enemies can still harvest from the geyser, they will not be able to build bridges of it.
  7. Bridge and Geyser ownership is indicated by colour.
  8. You may connect to the open ends of enemy bridges ( and use them for Walking transports, but you may not build new bridges or units off an enemy bridge.
  9. You may only build bridges off of an enemy or neutral island after first erecting and Outpost on that island.
  10. You may not bridge off an enemy unit.

Plus Three hints....

  1. If none of the bridges present in the Production Window meet your needs, use them in a different location. Doing so will clear the Production Window paving the way for new, possibly more useful, bridges.
  2. Nimbian carpenters have found that bridges can be used to block an opponent's progress in battle. If a player is about to connect to your isle, for example, lay bridges across his intended path, blocking his approach.
  3. Building bridges directly towards a Storm Geyser is not the best method. Instead, build so that you bridges past it on one side. Then make the final connection.