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In December of 1997, Stiletto discovered the Edit function, which was capable for users to design maps and campaigns for NetStorm. In July of 1998, Stiletto gained help from LDespot and NetStorm Editing Central (NEC) was formed. Soon after, many players received guidance from NEC and started creating maps and campaigns of their own


WE wish we could credit the originators of these pages, however they seem to have disappeared into the realms of nimbus, we have maintained them in their original state and therefore all the email links will be long dead. It will however serve as a reminder of the creators.

'History' These pages were lifted from the NEC site by Ladybulf around about 1998/99 as I believe it shared the same host(smartfella) as <BiT>, unfortunately the original graphics did not survive Ladybulfs' archiving, maybe 1 day I'll try and re-create them. however given that now editing function is brokwen in Netstorm it seems a bit pointless.

Any campaigns created using these methods are best played with a '37 or 62 version.

Happy campaigning

Editing and making your own campaigns Getting Started,
Advanced Editing 1.Images | 2.Links and E-mails | 3.More [Options] Sections. 4.Options | 5.More [Header] Variables Header Variables | 6.Changing Text Colors | 7.Sacrificing for Knowledge | 8.Branching using MissionBegin | 9.Using denySalvage | 10.Outposts in Your Campaign | 11.Branching with MissionFork | 12.The Tell Command | 13.Creating Menus with $Menu | 14.Formatting Text and Graphics | 15.The $Timeout event | 16.The $OnExit event | 17.adding a DEMO to your Campaign | 18.Re-positioning the Text Window (with $MoveDialog)| 19.Timing with [@ ] | 20.Using the Debug Hotkey | 21.Moving the screen window with $View| 22.Variable basics | 23.IF/THEN Conditionals | 24.The $PlaySound command | 25.Netstorm Command List

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For Game play information see Book of Nimbus or Units of Netstorm

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