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Changing Text Colours
Add Some COLOR to Your Campaigns

It's really easy!

Whenever you want to change the color of the text in a campaign, preceed the text with any of these color changing formats:
~r = RED
~b = BLUE
~g = GREEN
~w = WHITE
~t = GREY
~k = BLACK
~q = BROWN
~. = resets text color

there are also other font-changing commands such as
~I= italics
~E= shadow
~B= bold

An example: suppose you want a line in your campaign to look like this:


OH no! The RGB guild is after you! Watch out!

you would type exactly as below:

OH no! The ~rR~gG~bB ~tguild is after you! ~mWatch out!

Simple, eh? Now go and add some colorful excitement to your campaigns!