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The Struggle For Freedom.

1. The War Begins. 2. The Master Of WhirliGigs. 3. Save the Island. 4. Fragile Fortune. 5. Thundering Alliance. 6. Dissolved Alliance.

A Nation Rises.

1. The Noose. 2. Rain V's Rain. 3. Run For it. 4. Guard My Back. 5. Surrounded.

Complete Victory.

1. Breaking Through. 2. To the Rescue. 3. Vicious. 4. Enemy Territory. 5. The Final Confrontation.

Very quickly research a Wind Tower and guard your Wind Workshop from the left. Immediatly after, make your golem and priest start mining.

At the beginning of this level you'll get attacked from the top and bottom of your island by white who will try and kill your temple and Wind Towers. Bridge up from your island and attack the top white force from the right. After you have secured this area wrap around the bottom white bridge and connect to the geyser to block off any area for future units. Hint: Use generators to quickly destroy the bridges between yourself and the white island to cut off any white attacks from the sides.

Attack white first since your side facing red has wind towers already. While attacking white place wind towers infront of your Crossbows, but make sure you have crossbows guarding around the wind tower so that Sun Disc Throwers can't kill it.


Most of this level is money management. Wind towers are an important part of staying alive but they are very expensive. Spend time protecting them and place them in key spots. While you have a few moments attack red from the bottom, or keep killing white's front force.

To finish off white bridge around the top or bottom of their island to the temple and build some crossbows.

After white is crippled (even if you haven't killed temple, but have a secure defence) attack red from the top or bottom of the front and take out some of the attackers.

This is also a good way to make some money so you can do it a little earlier in the level if you have a good defence from white.

Durak's Walkthroughs originally published on [Netstormworld] used with permission Nsworld 22:40, July 18, 2010 (UTC)