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Duraks'WalkThroughs :-

The Struggle For Freedom.

1. The War Begins. 2. The Master Of WhirliGigs. 3. Save the Island. 4. Fragile Fortune. 5. Thundering Alliance. 6. Dissolved Alliance.

A Nation Rises.

1. The Noose. 2. Rain V's Rain. 3. Run For it. 4. Guard My Back. 5. Surrounded.

Complete Victory.

1. Breaking Through. 2. To the Rescue. 3. Vicious. 4. Enemy Territory. 5. The Final Confrontation.

In this level I'd suggest surrounding his island at first, even though it doesn't seem important at the start. After you are done encircling your opponent collect from the bottom Storm Geyser with your balloons unless the computer has built Sun Disc Thrower s there. If they are built there, eliminate them first. Make sure your Sun Cannons are fairly far back from the enemy island so that sun disk throwers built on the island can't hit them. I made the mistake while playing the level where my Balloon s died from not watching the bottom geyser after I Bridged around his island so it took me much longer to win.
While your balloons are collecting build a few sun cannons out of the reach of the front sun disk throwers and kill them, most should blow up once you destroy one because of their close proximity to each other. After you kill these the computer will try and retaliate. Since you've surrounded the island (When surrounding enemy islands build bridges as close as possible to the island) sun disk throwers can't reach you so you'll be safe.

Make sure if the computer builds any more kill them with sun cannons so that your balloons can get through to the middle geysers. Build Generator s around the island (preferably bottom) and kill the Workshop or anything near the back of the island from afar so your opponent can't hit you. It won't be able to fight back and soon their Temple and workshop should both be destroyed. Finally, destroy any sun disk throwers which may be protecting the enemy Priest then send a balloon on a safe route to collect him.

Durak's Walkthroughs originally published on [Netstormworld] used with permission Nsworld 22:33, July 18, 2010 (UTC)