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'The shot of a thousand cannons is but a whisper in the Furies' ear' - Jon Helkinsen, High Priest

The Three Furies (Wind, Rain, and Thunder){Sun is not a fury} Strive to dominate Nimbus. Each has strengths and weaknesses, each wonderfully differently Knowledge to offer. You may choose to align yourself with one or more in Battle.

Ithunder.gif Thunder: - is the most violent of the three Furies'. Its units are resilient and pack a powerful punch. Building-thundertemple.jpg
Irain.gif Rain: - Not as strong as Thunder, nor as quick as Wind, the rejuvinating force of Rain can be devastating, making its units difficult to vanquish. Building-raintemple.jpg
Iwind.gif Wind: - The Units of the Wind, while lacking the brute force of Thunder, are nevertheless potent. what Wind lacks in raw power, it makes up for in speed. Building-windtemple.jpg

Refer to Units for more detailed information on each Fury