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There Now exists and online installer and updater available from NetStormHQ

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Getting Started[]

Minimum Spec[]

100% Microsoft Windows 95 compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card and input devices) Linux Distribution with winex3 installed Pentium 90 MHz processor 16 MB RAM 15 MB of uncompressed hard disk space>br> 256 Colour (640x480) VLB or PCI video card with 1 MB RAM 100% Sound Blaster -compatible sound card Double-speed CD-ROM drive (300K/second sustained transfer rate) 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver

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Multiplayer Minimum Spec[]

100% 14.4 Kbps Windows/Linux compatible modem 100% Windows/Linux compatible network(LAN) IPX network (LAN) and/or TCP/IP network (Internet Play)

Free internet play requires access to the internet. Player is responsible for applicable fees. Important Note : Netstorm uses Microsoft Direct X technology, which requires your system to be able to fully support Direct X.

Please Note

Since 2002 Activision took down their last remaining online game server and since then Game servers have been provided by independent members of the Netstorm community.

At present there are 2 servers operating

The main one is Operated By Fleet_Admiral on, this is where you will find most players go to play. and when it breaks down or is unavailable you can continue to play on NetStormworld's Server which can be found at

Please follow the server rules carefully to ensure your continuing access to game servers.

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Windows Set-up and Installation[]

From a CD: Place the NetStorm CD in your CD-ROM drive. NetStorm uses windows Auto play.

If your system's Auto play is enabled the NetStorm splash screen will appear on your screen.

If your Autoplay feature is not working, click on the Windows start button, select Run, then Browse. Go to your CD-ROM drive, select Splashapp.exe, and press the OK button. Install (or re-install_ Netstorm by clicking the appropriate button. Follow the on-screen directions and you will be up and running in no time.

From Internet

There Now exists and online installer and updater available from NetStormHQ

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Linux Set-up and installation[]

$cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/NetstormLaunch/ && wine nsLaunchC.exe

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Trouble Shooting[]

Online Help NS has supplied a technical help file that can help you with troubleshooting problems. There are three ways to access this help file:

  • Right click on the NetstormCD icon and select Technical Help.
  • After installation, from the start menu, select Programs/NetStorm/Netstorm Technical Help.
  • From within the game, click on the Help button in the main menu or select General Help from the About pull-down menu

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