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More [Header] Variables

Add Some Cool Stuff

There are other really cool variables that can go in the header, these are:

   randGeysers - set to 1 to have random geyser placement at startup.
   ainBridgeDrawRate - Replace n with an AI number. The rate at which the AI builds bridges, 
the known range is 1 to 8. 1 is very fast, 8 is very slow.

AI Abilities

This needs a whole section to itself. In the [Header] put 'ainAbility =' and then one or more of the following, preceded by ! if you don't want the AI to have the ability. The abilities are turned on by default:

   When a Temple or Workshop is attacked, the AI creates a 'hate list' and will
   preferentially attack things on that list. noting this item will stop that behavior.
   When a Temple or Workshop is attacked, the AI will look through its tech list and, if it finds a blocker,
 it will try to build blockers preferentially as the next thing it builds. 
noting this ability will stop that behavior.
   Once the AI has built up sufficient Storm Power, it will always try to attach to its Enemy's island,
 only giving up after it has been stymied for about twenty seconds. 
Noting this item stops that, often
   futile, behavior.
   If a unit is killed while collecting, then its geyser is marked as 'dangerous' 
and won't be collected from until absolutely necessary.
   Allows the AI to collect Storm Power. If you want it to have to use only its starting reserves, 
NOT this item.
   A general tactic of the AI is to attempt to encircle the enemy island with bridges 
in order to  create platforms from which to launch attacks. 
noting this will stop that behavior.
   While choosing its next target the AI normally gives slightly preferential treatment to
 attacking the same thing it attacked last time in order to ensure its death. 
When you NOT  this object, that preference is no longer calculated.
   The AI drops things by going through its tech list, object by object, 
and trying to find a good place to put the object. (This is why bulky tech 
lists are a bad thing) If it manages to drop something, this item makes it 
likely to stick with it and try to drop the same thing again. noting it stops 
the behavior, and the AI will just move on to the next item in the list every time.
   NOT this if you don't want to allow the AI to capture the priests of its enemies.
   If you don't want the AI to be able to build its own Altar, then NOT this.
   If you don't want the AI to be able to sacrifice enemies it captures, then NOT this. 
Very handy for kidnapping scenarios.
   Normally the AI will use its Priest to collect Storm Power when money is getting low. 
NOT this item in order to keep the priest at home.
   If you want to stop the AI from building bridges of any kind, NOT this.

For example, if you wanted to make it so that AI2 didn't collect storm power with his priest but still collected from dangerous geysers you would put:


Thanks to Invisible Man for these abilities and RasRic for the other two variables.