NetStorm Wiki

Downloading Auto-Installer[]

In order to start playing the latest version of Netstorm, (v. 10.78,) you must first download the auto-installer. This is available at NetstormHQ.and Netstormworld After this has been downloaded, you should let the program installer the auto-installer in the desired folder, (e.g. c:/NetstormLaunch/ ,) before running nsLaunchC.exe.

Using Auto-Installer[]

This is a console application, and will download and automatically install the latest of Netstorm from the internet. This is required to download the actual game in the first place, and is also used to keep it up to date -- every time you run this, it will search for updates to Netstorm and will download and apply them if necessary. If you are having problems with this program, ensure that you do not have a firewall program which is denying NSLaunch.exe access to the internet. (Netstorm operates on ports 6799 and 6800 so you need to make sure you have these open)


After the NSLaunchC.exe has finished running, it will open up the Netstorm game, where you can play any mode -- for new players, it is highly reccomended that you play the tutorials under the Campaigns section. If you decided to run the Netstorm.exe without running NSLaunchC.exe, you will not be allowed to connect to the multiplayer servers; you will still, however, be able to play single-player campaigns and play local area network games.