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Pre.72 patch
Pointblast.gif Point Blast. Devastion.gif Devastation. Decimination.gif Decimation. Heal.gif Heal.
Invisibility.gif Invisibility. Paralysis.gif Paralysis. Bridgeharden.gif Bridge Harden. Treason.gif Treason.
Post.72 patch
Bombardment.gif Bombardment. Graviton.gif Graviton. Hydraflood.gif Hydra Flood. Hydrawave.gif Hydra Wave.
Thunderstorm.gif Thunderstorm. Thunderstrike.gif Thunderstrike. Twister.gif Twister. Vortex.gif Vortex.

Hydraflood.gif Hydra Flood


  • Range: 28
  • Hits:Invunerable
  • Damage: special
  • Cost in Storm Power: 1500 Crystal.gif

'A stalemate with the ether itself. - Dag Haverlink, Nimbian Gamesman

A spell that summons Three Man 'o Wars to attack enemy units.

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