Pre.72 patch
Pointblast Point Blast. Devastion Devastation. Decimination Decimation. HealHeal.
Invisibility Invisibility. Paralysis Paralysis. Bridgeharden Bridge Harden. Treason Treason.
Post.72 patch
Bombardment Bombardment. Graviton Graviton. Hydraflood Hydra Flood. Hydrawave Hydra Wave.
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm. Thunderstrike Thunderstrike. Twister Twister. Vortex Vortex.

Hydrawave Hydra Wave


  • Range: 7
  • Hits : Invulnerable
  • Damage: special
  • Cost in Storm Power: 1000 Crystal

'The most delightful victory over any foe is to persuade his right hand to hack of his left.' - General Greig Hamlikken

This Spell that summons two Man 'o War War to attack enemy units.


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