NetStorm Wiki


  • Alignment: Irain.gif Rain
  • Level n/a
  • Class: Aerial Attacker
  • Hits: 150
  • Range: 28
  • Damage: 16
  • Cost in Storm Power: n/a
  • Energy to Build : n/a

"I train my men to slaughter each other at the very sight of it."

- Deisen Trow, Leader of the Band of Seerin Priests

The Man o' War is spawned from a Man o' War Pool drifts into enemy territory, destroying all below it. Each of the squid like creatures lives only for 1 minute. However, if it destroys a unit, the Storm Power released nourishes the Man o' War, and it will continue for another 20 seconds. The Man o' War prefers to attack Ground Transports, but if none are available it will strike the nearest unit. Each Man o' War is about twice as tough as a Balloon. They cannot be used as Transports.