Fleet Admiral - He hosts the main NS server ( and has been doing so for some time now. Many thanks to him for providing us with a server to play on and maintaining it. He's also the lead programmer and administrator, project leader and developer of the 10.72+ NetStorm patches.

NSWorld - He provides us the backup server to play on in case anything happens to fleet's main one. In addition, he is the one responsible for this wiki and has put in a tremendous amount of work into this as well as Netstorm. Many thanks to him as well.

Kelljes - He hosts the netstorm HQ site as well as numerous guild sites because he's just so darn nice! Thanks to him, we have a site where everyone can download the game from. I'm sure he's done more, i'm just not sure what so someone else needs to add to this :p

LadyBulf - (RIP) Also responsible for getting Netstormworld server / site running, sadly no longer walking the lands.

MrBig - Head beta tester and head admin of NSHQ. MrBig is responsible for the present game balancing, development and maintaining the site kelljes has provided.

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