NetStorm Wiki

Amalgamated into of A Detailed Course in Operations

Instructions of all NetStorm's screens, options, and interfaces.

Opening Screen : after the introduction, NetStorm displays the main menu.


  • Campaign:campaign displays a sub menu with the four single player Netstorm campaigns.
  • Multiplayer: This connects you to a Netstorm Server of your choice where you may engage other gamers in combat. Look in book six for Details.
  • Demo:This runs one of three computer-versus-computer demonstrations.
  • Help:Provides access to the game,s electronic help system, where you can troubleshoot or learn about the inner workings of NetStorm.
  • Edit: Opens the single player mission editing tool (see NEC for more details)
  • Intro:Redisplays the introduction movie.(this button only appears if the netstorm CD is in the CD-ROM drive or if you have copied the movie folder from the CD to your hard drive).
  • Credits:Displays the creative people who gave birth to netstorm.
  • Options:Displays various menus with options for configuring the game.
  • Quits:Quits.