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Outposts in Your Campaign


Outposts are incredibly simple to put into your campaigns. All you have to do is add outpost to your MyTech list and bingo - the player can build an outpost by putting it into production in his Sun Workshop. I don't think the AIs can use outposts though you might want to try it out...

Here's an example of what you might normally have in your MyTech statement:

MyTech = "sunArcher;sunCannon;sunAviary"

Now to make the outpost a possibility the MyTech list would simply change to:

MyTech = "sunArcher;sunCannon;sunAviary;outpost"

Very simple indeed! Now you can have maps very far away and perhaps have a island hopping scenario where the player is fighting towards the AI and building outposts to secure the land. See what you can do!