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First bridge as fast as you can (before building golems or Priest) to the top middle geyser. Once you have connected to it, Bridge down and connect to the geyser under it. Continue to bridge from the top middle geyser up and around your opponent's island. Make the bridge as close to his island as you can and finish your loop by connecting to the top middle geyser again.

Start mining with your priest and a few golems. Once you have enough money get a rain workshop and build a rain generator and cloud floater. Then once you have mined all of the safe geysers for your golems salvage them and let your floaters continue collecting. Build another Rain Workshop and choose ice towers and ice cannons. (my first time playing I also built a Sun Workshop, but it only has sun disk throwers. I also acid barricades which are not necessary and wouldn't help for newbies)

As soon as you feel ready build two Generators off your island then immediately afterwards build as many ice towers as you can in front of their island. Once you have built these build a few ice cannon far back to attack the island. Once you have more money build more clouds floaters, or more ice towers if you don't have very many. Lots of Ice Towers are much more important than ice cannons because your ice cannons will die if not protected.

Once you feel fairly secure you can build towers in front of their temple, then build lots of ice cannons behind them. Or attack from the side as shown (which can lose some cannons from Man 'o War pools but not under direct fire).


You'll destroy their temple and Immobilize the priest. Next use a cloud floater to take the priest and Sacrifice him.

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