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Start by moving your Sail Skater back to your temple and then salvaging all the stone towers on your island.

Bridge up and connect to the Storm Geyser north east of your island. Research the wind Generator and Sail Skater from the wind workshop and the Sun Cannon and stone towers from the Sun Workshop. Build a wind generator and when your sail skater drops off the Storm Crystal build another sail skater and collect from the NE geyser. The Man 'o Wars will deal little if any damage to your sail skaters since their speed allows them to escape as they collect. Connect to the East geysers, preferably the Northern one first because the computer quickly attempts to connect to it.

Optional: Surrounded the enemy island with bridges to prevent closer MOW pools and for your attack later. Build more sail skaters as you gain storm power while bridging the enemy island, 6-7 should suffice for the level. Connect to geysers as they appear and keep the enemy bridged in as close as possible to his island. When you have a fair amount of SP you can attack. Not recommended for 6k SP or less.


Leave space for your stone towers to be in front of the sun cannons and rebuild them when necessary. Try to fit everything in as close as possible so optimally your sun cannons can hit his rain workshop. Set up your cannons to kill the Man-o-War Pools when placing them since MOW Pools have low defence and will provide you with a fair amount of kill reward as well.

The Rain Workshop should also provide you with a fair amount of kill reward as well. With the rain workshop dead pick off any last MOW Pools and set up a few cannons to get the temple.

Durak's Walkthroughs originally published on [Netstormworld] used with permission Nsworld 23:58, July 17, 2010 (UTC)