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Sacrificing for Knowledge

Using the GetTechnology Command

It seems that knowledge can be acquired in single player games, using the GetTechnology keyword.

Here's an example on how to use the new keyword. Suppose you want the player to gain tech after sacking enemy player #2. You would enter the following:

Enemy Priest Sacrificed! Yahoo!
The furies are well pleased. They decide to grant you knowledge...

where tech is a number for the knowledge you want the player to have. From that point on in the game, the player will be able to use the newly acquired tech.

Currently, the known list for tech is

71 = Sun Disc Thrower

72 = Whirlbase

75 = Wind Generator

76 = Rain Generator

77 = Thunder Generator

78 = Stone Tower

79 = Bulwark

85 = Sun Workshop

86 = Wind Workshop

87 = Rain Workshop

88 = Thunder Workshop

111 = Sun Balloon

123 = Wind Temple

124 = Rain Temple

125 = Thunder Temple

128 = Sun Cannon

129 = Ice Cannon

131 = Thunder Cannon

133 = Golem

135 = Bulf

136 = Sun Barricade

137 = Sail Skater

139 = Devil Maker

140 = Crossbow

141 = Airship

142 = WindTower

143 = Man-O-War Pool

145 = Acid Barricade

146 = Cloud Floater

147 = Ice Tower

148 = Vader Tower

149 = Arc Spire

156 = Crystal Crab

Although, in theory, tech can be given after any [ain...] command, GetTechnology is usually only used with the [ainPriestDead] option.

More Choices You can now make scenarios, where the player can choose which alignment to upgrade! Here's an example:

Enemy Priest Sacrificed! Yahoo!
The furies are well pleased. They decide to grant you knowledge.
Choose which Fury you want knowledge from:

In the above example, if the player selects the [WIND] button, the crossbow will be added to his arsenal, while selection of the [RAIN],[THUNDER], or [SUN] buttons will allow either the Ice Cannon, Thunder Cannon, or Sun Cannon to be acquired.

Kool, huh!?! This opens up a lot more possibilities for single-player campaigns!

Other Fun Numbers Here's a list of other numbers that may not add to tech, but are fun to try out:

70 = Nimbian

100 = Trees

101 = More Trees

108 = Smiling Face

126 = Outpost

134 = Teleport Effect

159 = Blue squiggly line

169 = Altar with Priest being sacrificed

Have fun!

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