NetStorm Wiki

==The Serenisphere== (The Challenge area)

The Challenge Arena provides a God's'eye view of all the islands (i.e., gamers) in the Serenisphere. Players in the Challenge Arena are represented by a small floating island, as well as by their name in a list on the left side of the screen. Challengearea.jpg

Challenge Arena Interface[]

NetStorm allows users to effortlessly match themselves with other eager players, using a graphical user interface.

Player info.png
  • Left-clicking on someone's name (in the list on the left side of the screen) will cause the screen to centre on that player's island
  • To 'sail' your island around the Challenge Arena, simply left-click on the spot to which you want to travel. Your island will go there.
  • To view options and information on other Players islands, simply right-click on their islands.
  • To start a battle, left-click on one of the eight points of a Battle Ring
  • To join a Battle Ring that is already occupied also left-click on one of the available points of the Battle Ring.
  • To toggle the chat window on and off press F3


Each player's island is indicated by Name and the Level (and Rank) of the island.

Player island.png


An island's level is a measure of the owner's (i.e. gamer's) Knowledge. As you acquire more knowledge (by sacrificing Priests), your level will increase. This allows gamers to choose battles with gamers who are similarly-skilled, and have access to a similar range of Battle units.


Once a player has attained Knowledge of all of the units in NetStorm, the next Sacrifice will revert the island back to Level 1, but the player's Rank will now increase by one. Each increase in Rank gives a 25% increase to both Hits and Damage of battle units.

Reliability Rating[]

Reliability.png This rating shows 'number of games completed' vs. 'number of games

started.' Check these numbers to see whether this player is going to abandon a game in progress. To see a player's Reliability Rating, right-click on their island. To keep your own numbers high stick around until your Priest is Sacrificed, even if you are sure to lose. Fight until the end!

Battle Rings and Zones[]

The Challenge Arena contains nine Battle Rings. Although the Challenge Arena can handle thousands of players simultaneously, only one to eight players can enter any given battle, indicated by the eight points on each Battle ring.

The smaller, inner rings represent different zones within the Challenge Arena. Islands are divided into different zones based upon the level of the island. For example, level 20 islands will be initially placed into zone 20, whereas level 1 islands will be initially placed into zone 1. If you wish to travel to a different zone, simply click on the smaller ring (the zone to which you want to go) and choose Descend to this Level.


Note: Remember other players can see your level printed clearly on your island. So unless you have made arrangements with a friend, Do not expect novices to allow you to play in their Zone: players have the right to kick off other players. Again, each Battle Ring has eight 'points,' or holes, on its perimeter. You may either initiate or join a battle by left' clicking on one of these points. (If you are the first person to attach to a ring, you will become the BattleMaster; If you are not the first person you will simply join the battle.)

Ready.png Once attached to the ring you will see your name and a Ready box in thee upper left hand corner of the Production window. ( Check your Ready box (an O will appear there) Once everyone is ready, the BattleMaster alone can start the battle. To leave a Battle Ring, simply left-click