Pre.72 patch
Pointblast Point Blast. Devastion Devastation. Decimination Decimation. HealHeal.
Invisibility Invisibility. Paralysis Paralysis. Bridgeharden Bridge Harden. Treason Treason.
Post.72 patch
Bombardment Bombardment. Graviton Graviton. Hydraflood Hydra Flood. Hydrawave Hydra Wave.
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm. Thunderstrike Thunderstrike. Twister Twister. Vortex Vortex.

  • Class:Spells
  • Hits: 100
  • Range: n/a
  • Damage: n/a
  • Cost in Storm Power: n/a
Obelisk "They add a little spice to the carnage."--Oltor Hammershold, Nimbian Battle Cook

Transports acquire and cast Spells that produce spectacular effects.

Spells are contained in Obelisks. When a Transport touches an Obelisk (by moving on top of it) it learns the Spell, and an icon for that Spell will then appear overlaid on the Transport. Each transport can possess one Spell. Once a Transport has acquired a Spell it keeps that Spell until destroyed, and can cast the Spell an unlimited number of times,provided the player has sufficient Storm Power.

Note: If you right-click on your High Priest, you can Pray for the Devastation Spell.

After a short period of prayer, the Spell will be available to the Priest at a lower cost than to a Transport.

Left-click on the Transport to see the range of the Spell.

Right-click on the Transport to cast the Spell.

Once you cast the Spell, your Transport will halt until the Spell is cast. This will take a couple of seconds. Spells do not affect the caster. Once cast, even if the transport is destroyed before the spell is complete, it will take its effect.

Extract from the Book of Nimbus

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