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The coagulation of the Geyser into Crystal form is like watching white fire turn to ice....a very powerful ice. - UNKNOWN

Storm Power[]

Nimbians need Storm Power to construct units, cast spell (see book seven), and upgrade Workshops. Your Storm Power reserves are displayed in the upper left corner of the Production window. Storm Power is the "money" of Nimbus.

There are four ways to accumulate Storm Power:

  1. You may harvest Storm Crystals from Storm Geysers (the Crystals will automatically be converted into storm power in your temple or outpost.
  2. You may reap it as reward for destroying enemy units.
  3. You may gain it when you salvage your own units.
  4. You may pick up a loose Storm Crystal dropped by enemy Transports (if the transport is destroyed for instance).

Harvesting Storm Power[]

'Yes Master.' - Golem

Any Transport can harverst Storm Crystals from Storm Geysers. To do so Left-click on the transport then Left-clickon the Storm Geyser. Be advised, if the Transport is a Ground Transport there must be a series of bridges connecting you Home Island to the Storm Geyser befor the Transport can harvest. Arial Transports (such as AirShips), do not need bridges in order to harvest Storm Crystals. Consult Book Severn for a complete list of Transports. Once the Transport has harvested the Storm Crystal, it will return to your Home Island's temple where the Crystal will be converted to Storm Power.

Note: in multiplayer games, Storm Crystal can be brought to Outposts as well as Temples

Note: Transports are loyal and dedicated units. Once oyu have ordered them to begin collecting Storm Crystals, they will alsways go to the nearest Temple or Outpost.

Note: Right-clicking on a Storm Geyser will display the amount of Storm Crystals remaining in the Geyser. Geysers initially contain 2000 units of Storm Power, however, this amount may be altered in multiplayer games (see Book Six for details).

Collecting Storm Power Rewards[]

'To the Furies, destruction is creation. Death is the fuel of life.' - Einar Lexetter, High Priest of the Nimbians

War pleases the Furies, and they will reward the destruction of an enemy unit or building with 25 percent of the unit's original Storm Power value. (The 25 percent value may be adjusted by the Battlemaster in multiplayer games.)

Note: you may also garner 25 percent of your own unit's cost by salvaging the unit, assuming that the unit is healthy.