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Build a temple and start mining with your priest. If you don't have an open spot to build a workshop later on, start mining a gyser that will clear one. Build a few golems once you can afford them. As your priest and golems are mining, bridge through the gaps between islands (bottom left and top right are great choices) and circle around until you reach rain and thunders further workshops and temple.

Build two sun workshops and research a generator, sun cannon, sun diskthrower, and sun barracade. Now bridge up to the middle of red's island and attack his temple. After you kill it you can take out the workshop.


While red is being defeated make sure you have sun bars set up protecting your temple and workshops. Once red has been completly defeated off his island move your priest onto his island. Your center island will get completly bombarded by thunder cannons and you can't win, therefor we must rebuild our temple and workshops on red's old island.

I killed orange next so I briged down off the bottom left part of my first main bridge formation towards the back of his island and attacked him.

I made sure both of his workshops and temple were dead then I proceded on to killing white.


This attack almost killed him but I didn't reach his second workshop (which is on the far left of his island) so I bridged towards his temple from red's island, which I built my new temple on a little while back.

I then worked my way from red's island to the top of yellow's.

I killed off yellow's and then I gathered up the priests and sacrificed them on my island.

You don't really have to worry about protecting red's island once you build your temple on it, the enemies don't really attack it.

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