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The Tell Command

What the tell command actually is is a command which allows you to bring up a message box. The only way so far to use the tell command is through buttons. You give the tell command a 'label' to go to and it displays whatever message is at that label. The labels have exactly the same format as the event labels (eg. [ai2PriestDead]).

Confused yet? Let's take an example - if you wanted to print a message telling the person about cheese when he clicked on a button called 'Cheese' then you would put:

Click below to learn about cheese



Cheese is very tasty you know.

Sound OK? Sound useless?!? Well it isn't! I was thinking about the uses of such a command other than having messages from messages and I came up with this - you can use it as a way of allowing the player to make decisions and forking the campaign accordingly.

Let's have another example. You have just beaten Mr.Evil's forces and they are fleeing the battlefield, however you friend, Mr.Nice, is dying and needs your help to survive. If you go after the forces then you will attack while they are weak... but if you stay behind you will have an ally but will come up against greater forces later on. Let's see the code:

My lord, Mr.Evil's forces are fleeing the battlefield and if you follow them and strike early then they will be in a very weak position. However, your loyal friend, Mr.Nice, is dying and he could prove to be an invaluable ally in the future. What is your wish?
$Button=Pursue Them,Tell,Pursue
$Button=Help Mr.Nice,Tell,HelpFriend


You pursue Mr.Evil's forces and engage them at Death Pass. Behind you, you hear Mr.Nice's last wails... but you must continue and avenge his death!


You heal Mr.Nice and he promises to protect you with his life. The next battle will be hard but with Mr.Nice by your side you might be able to do it.
$Button=Begin the Offensive,MissionBegin,AttackWithFriend