The Temple is the most important Building in the game. It's the building you build first with your Priest and it gives you control of the main island. In addition, it allows you to build Bridge Pieces and Golem Transport units which are an integral part of the game. Without bridges, you are helpless since you can't leave your island and without Golems you have to rely on other means of Transport. Taking out an enemy's Temple in the game is as good as defeating him since without it, you can build on his island, destroy his workshops (assuming he has any left by then) and cripple him. It is also a drop off point for Storm Crystals and also primary source of Energy. Temples also regenerate hit points to your Priest. Without a temple your priest cannot be recovered when immobilized.

The different types of temples are Rain, Wind and Thunder. The only difference between them is that a particular Temple will give you one energy unit of wind, rain or thunder, depending on the alignment you build.

--- Sudden Death 14:26, 18 April 2006 (BST)

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