Nimbians are a proud yet obedient people;

you will find leading them a pleasure. They do not, however, take kindly to fools. To gain their respect you must first learn to direct them properly.

Read this guide carefully, for in it are the seeds of Victory.

The History of NimbusEdit

On the surface of the planet Nimbus, far below the Nimbian's Islands, the three Furies, Wind, Rain and Thunder, wage a vicious battle for control of the blue-green planet. Long ago, the destructive energy of their war blasted huge chunks of the planet's surface into the atmosphere. There, in the cloud-strewn skies of Nimbus, the islands are held captive by the planets strong gravity.

Once the Nimbians were granted flight knowledge they moved to the sky islands to avoid the carnage from the Furies' conflict. Resources however, are scarce and the Nimbians must fight for the land to farm their crops and the power to fuel their machines.

At the heart of the Nimbian's battle are the High Priest of Nimbus, who possess incredible Knowledge of magic and machinery. Their Sacrifice (to the Furies) is the modus operandi of Nimbian conflict.


The goal of all Nimbian tribes is to capture enemy High Priests and Sacrifice them to the Furies.

Only through this Sacrifice can your tribe gain new knowledge that will allow them to rule the skies of Nimbus.

Combat in the Skies of NimbusEdit

Behaviour of Battle Units

Nimbian soldiers are well trained and fully understand how to employ their weapons. It is not necessary, or even possible, to direct each Battle unit's attack against the enemy. As commander of a Nimbian Tribe, you merely direct the placement of your weapons, each of which has a specific rate of fire, direction of fire, and firing range. The Nimbians targeting the weapons will then decide which enemy to engage.

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