Three spheres coexist in the realm of Nimbus; The Deusphere, The Pyrsphere, and the Serenisphere. These are not realms of the mind, but rather physical sites, disparate in location as well as function. Although Nimbians battle only in one, the Pyrosphere, events in the other spheres affect those battles mightily.

  • Deusphere: Here, the three Furies wage their eternal battle for supremacy. This violent sphere, which includes the lower planet of Nimbus, is inaccessible to the gamer.
  • Pyrosphere: The sphere in which Nimbians fight for control of their floating islands. In this sphere you will fight your battles against other gamers or the computer.
  • Serenisphere: As the name implies, the Serenisphere is a peaceful realm. It is here that Nimbians rest between skirmishes, and where you may challenge other gamers to battle.
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