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The Struggle For Freedom.

1. The War Begins. 2. The Master Of WhirliGigs. 3. Save the Island. 4. Fragile Fortune. 5. Thundering Alliance. 6. Dissolved Alliance.

A Nation Rises.

1. The Noose. 2. Rain V's Rain. 3. Run For it. 4. Guard My Back. 5. Surrounded.

Complete Victory.

1. Breaking Through. 2. To the Rescue. 3. Vicious. 4. Enemy Territory. 5. The Final Confrontation.

You can begin this mission by building a Sun Workshop on your island and starting a few Golems collecting. You don't really need much money in this mission but it can help speed things up. Build a Workshop somewhere on your island, possibly the top section. Put Rain Generator and Sun Cannon into production, then blast through the Sun Disc Throwers on his island from yours and the enemy can't hit you because your range is longer than the sun disk throwers.


After you have killed the sun disk throwers at the front, build a generator that can give energy to the top of the enemies island and build bridges over to that area so you can launch an attack on his Temple. Build Sun Cannons and kill his temple. While it is being destroyed you can build a few more cannons aiming at the bottom sun disk throwers so they don't cause a problem while you're grabbing the Immobilised enemy Priest with a Golem. Build an Altar on your island and Sacrifice his priest to end the level.

Durak's Walkthroughs originally published on [Netstormworld] used with permission Nsworld 00:05, July 18, 2010 (UTC)