NetStorm Wiki
  • Alignment: Thunder
  • Class:level 1
  • Hits: 5000
  • Range: n/a
  • Damage: n/a
  • Cost in Storm Power: 5000 Crystal.gif
  • Energy to Build :None


'Through this building the Furies lay waste to all we love.' - Rod Tynken Temple Steward
The Temple is the ultimate center of Energy on each Island. The Temple provides one unit of its namesake Energy centring on itself.

As long as your Temple is standing, your Priest will heal during battle. They also confer the following benefits:

  • Gives you the power to create bridges and Golems. If your Temple is destroyed you will not be able to create these fundamental units.
  • Gives you ownership of the island on which it is built, preventing enemies from building anything on that island.
  • converts Storm Crystals into Storm Power. Transports bring Storm Crystals back to your Temple for processing.
  • Once build the island will change to reflect you player colour.

These benefits are nearly identical to the Outpost, a key unit in multiplayer play.

Hit F4 to jump to your temple during play.


See also Rain Temple, Wind Temple