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The Struggle For Freedom.

1. The War Begins. 2. The Master Of WhirliGigs. 3. Save the Island. 4. Fragile Fortune. 5. Thundering Alliance. 6. Dissolved Alliance.

A Nation Rises.

1. The Noose. 2. Rain V's Rain. 3. Run For it. 4. Guard My Back. 5. Surrounded.

Complete Victory.

1. Breaking Through. 2. To the Rescue. 3. Vicious. 4. Enemy Territory. 5. The Final Confrontation.

In this level, the beginning is crucial but once you get it right, you'll have no problem winning.

First of all bridge as fast as you can to the geyser above your temple, build two golems, get them mining. Then immediatly afterwords take your priest and build a workshop on the middle of your island.

Then grab the geyser under your temple and building a funny shape of bridges around it so it will stall your enemy who will try and connect to it. After finishing that build to the left of his island, then branch off and grab the left geyser, and stop. Now get a thunder generator and Vander Tower from thunder workshop.

Now bridge around the enemy island starting from the right, and leave your left bridge just started where you took the geyser, connect to the right geyser and go down around the bottom one they got and around their isle (isle is short for island in Netstorm). Finish your bridge off by connecting to the left one.

The enemy will build a Whirlbase and a Man O'War Pool during this time but you'll be safe as long as you don't build anything within range of it or send golems to get money below your temple (If this isn't what happends it's because they made a whirlbase by middle geyser or you didn't move priest so they have cannon hitting you at start).

Once you finish bridging upgrade your workshop and get Thunder cannons (Yes, I wish I'd have said Bulfs..but they arn't necessary in this mission ^_^).

Once these crutial things are completed you can build a few thunder cannons behind your temple, or workshop and attack his island. If you need to, build some vander towers to protect your isle.


Try and keep golems away from bottom geyser even though it's close to temple. Go for the geysers behind your isle and wait for the enemy to go for the middle one. Line up a thunder cannon to kill the enemy golems, and maybe priest.

Once you finally have destroyed everything they have except Sun Workshop , Rain Workshop and Temple they'll stop building because they've run out of money. You can either attack from side (easiest way) or slowly damage it with a few tc's in a row by killing the Ice Tower, then hitting it once then they regrow, repeat. I'v done it both ways but it really doesn't matter.

  • Alternative strategy:

Instead of a top-down strategy, a left-right can work as well. The beginning placement of the Temple and Workshop, as well as plugging the center hole, are the same. However, Vander Towers and Thunder Cannons pointing down are built defensively to counter enemy encroachments. The push will come from quickly expanding to the left and grabbing those geysers. Aggressively contain enemy bridges with your own, especially expanding from geysers you've grabbed. A thorough network of bridges will both contain enemy expansion and counters, while at the same time allow you to build Thunder Cannons far to the enemy left. Two clusters of Thunder Cannons should be considered here: one cluster to eliminate enemy units above the ice towers, and a second one or two cannons to attack the enemy Temple, Workshop, etc. in a row from the untowered left. If you don't have enough money to support all operations (defense in your own base and the first cluster), consider sacrificing some units doing the aforementioned duties to buy yourself time to build and protect the second cluster of Thunder Cannons. Taking out even one enemy Temple or Workshop will severely cripple enemy efforts and take a lot of pressure off.

Durak's Walkthroughs originally published on [Netstormworld] used with permission Nsworld 22:37, July 18, 2010 (UTC)