Units are divided into four alignments, each representing one of the three Furies with the exception of Sun. These alignments are: Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Sun.

Units are divided into levels, with a level one unit requiring one Energy of its alignment to build, and requiring a sacrifice on a level one Altar to gain the knowledge of; a level two unit requiring one Energy of its alignment and one energy of any alignment, and requiring a sacrifice on a level two Altar to gain the Knowledge of; and level three units requiring two Energy of its own alignment and one energy of any alignment to build, and requiring a sacrifice on a level three altar to gain knowledge of it.

Note that Aerial Attackers cannot be built; they are created by the respective Aerial Attack Base


Rays of Sun
Sun Energy is another way of saying 'any Energy,' and may be supplied by any Generator. Hence, Sun Units (which require Sun Energy) can feed off any type of Generator.
Golem. GolemL Balloon. Sunballoon Sun Disc Thrower. SunArcher
Whirlibase. Unit-whirlybase Sun Barricade. Sunfence Stone Tower. Sunblocker
Sun Cannon. Suncannon Whirligig. SunAviary Sun Workshop. Sunwork


Forces of Wind
Quick as a fleeting thought, but powerful as a dream,

the forces of wind are a deadly foe. Well suited to those that prefer slashing attacks, wind units are the quickest in the sky

Wind Generator RainBattery Wind Temple Windtemple1 Wind Workshop Windwork4
Devil Maker. WindAviary AirShip Windballoon Sail Skater WindWalker
Crossbow Windarcher Dust Devil WindAviary Wind Tower Windblocker


Rain's Minions
Although possessing neither the brute power of Thunder, nor the speed of Wind, the forces of Rain are nevertheless as persistent as life itself. Many of Rain's units, such as the Man 'o War and Ice Tower, regenerate themselves, and many an unwary adversary has been swamped by Rain's nagging perseverance.
Rain Generator RainBattery Rain Temple Building-raintemple Cloud Floater Rainballoon
Crystal Crab Rainwalker Rain Workshop Rainwork4 Ice Cannon Ice cannon
Man 'o War RainAviary Ice Tower Rainblocker Acid Barricade Rainfence


Thunder's Tools of Destruction
Neither Quick, nor crafty, Thunder's Units are nevertheless the most powerful in the skies of Nimbus.
Ideally suited for direct assaults, Thunder's armies are perfect for aggressive generals.
Thunder Generator RainBattery Thunder Temple Thundertemple Bulf Bulf2
Bulwark Bulwark Thunder Workshop Thunderworkshop Thunder Cannon ThunderCannon
Vander Tower Vandertower Arc Spire Thunderfence

Other UnitsEdit

Non Aligned Units
High Priests Priest Outpost Outpost Bridge Bridge
Altar Altar Residence Residence

Storm Crystal

Storm Power

Storm Geyser Stormgeyser Edge Farm Edgefarm


Pre.72 patch
Pointblast Point Blast. Devastion Devastation. Decimination Decimation. HealHeal.
Invisibility Invisibility. Paralysis Paralysis. Bridgeharden Bridge Harden. Treason Treason.
Post.72 patch
Bombardment Bombardment. Graviton Graviton. Hydraflood Hydra Flood. Hydrawave Hydra Wave.
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm. Thunderstrike Thunderstrike. Twister Twister. Vortex Vortex.
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