NetStorm Wiki

Hi, I'm NsWorld,

Compiler of the Netstormworld Wiki,

Server Operator and maintainer of one of the Multiplayer Servers

I have transferred the wiki files over here so where they have a chance of being accessible to a larger community and possibly bring more people to play this great game.

It also provides the chat bot of NSQH with a greater source reference material for new players and visitors to their site can quickly find out what they are needing to know from the original Book of Nimbus here in all its glory.

Reproduced here are Duraks Campaign Walkthroughs and The Original Netstorm Editing Central (NEC) editing guides for making your own single player campaigns

It took me a while and there are always things to tweak but I hope all the fans of Netstorm will appreciate it and continue to support this unique game.

Nsworld.gif 13:44, July 9, 2010 (UTC)